Cool Ashtrays, Minus the Cigarettes, Return to Homes

Cool Ashtrays, Minus the Cigarettes, Return to Homes

Once cherished adornments of the mid-20th century, these artifacts—crafted from exquisite glass and ceramic—have emerged from obscurity, rekindling an era when indoor smoking reigned. While the popularity of smoking has waned, the allure of mid-century design remains undiminished, beckoning connoisseurs seeking affordable nostalgia and historical sophistication for their abodes.

A Vintage Ashtray Transforms a Room

Jay Kruz, co-owner of Retro Image Antiques and Vintage, extols their transformative power: "They contribute to the entire atmosphere of a room, and many are less than $20." Indeed, these relics evoke the glamour of bygone days, akin to the cocktail craze of yesteryears.

Amid thrift stores and yard sales, these treasures—once overlooked—now command attention. Sites like Chairish and First Dibs offer select specimens for hundreds, fueling a resurgence of interest. Mari Corella, eBay’s general manager of home and hard goods, notes a surge in sales, attributing the trend to an enduring fascination with mid-century modernism.

Key Bowls, Jewelry Holders, or Antiques - Cool Ashtrays Do Wonders

The allure extends beyond aesthetics; repurposed as trinket trays or catchalls, vintage ashtrays have found new life, holding keys, jewelry, or serving as votive candle holders. Roxanne Beyleryan of Theodora Antiques and Design attests to their versatility, a testament to their enduring appeal .

In a kaleidoscope of choices, these relics embody a myriad of styles—atomic boomerangs, Murano glass masterpieces, or even branded souvenirs from a bygone era. Barry Dixon, a connoisseur of antiquities, repurposes these gems as wine coasters or soap dishes, highlighting their enduring charm and utility .

Forgotten yet resplendent, vintage ashtrays embody the essence of an era, from the bold lines of mid-century design to the opulence of Hollywood Regency. Each piece, a testament to craftsmanship and nostalgia, finds new homes as cherished mementos of a time gone by.
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